Bakersfield O.E.S. Chapter 125
2019 Emblems


Worthy Grand Matron - Terri Ewing

Official Emblem

Open hands, holding a heart, from the center of which hangs a red star.  The united and open hands extend a warm invitation to tall who are eligible to join our beautiful Order, embracing the diversity of the world we live in.  The heart reminds us to always "love one another."

The red star is a tribute to the beautiful Electa Star Point, which I was honored with as a Grand appointment in 2012, as well as my Grandma who served as Grand Electa in Washington in 1956.  She was my inspiration for joining Eastern Star and is the angel on my shoulder guiding my way.


The Gladiouls - you can find them in all five Star Point Colors, as well as many other beautiful hues.  Choose your favorite or mix.

Fun Emblem

I am happy to introduce "Giggles" the snowperson. S/he (your choice) is a happy little critter whose purpose is to make everyone smile, and remind us not to take ourselves too seriously.  Snow people are found year-round, and are always ready to extend the hand of friendship and offer a hug.

Giggles' best buddy is Elmo, and together they will exemplify our watchwords, along with the additional characteristics of fun and friendship.





Worthy Grand Patron - Paul Lacroix

Official Emblem


The Keystone gives strength and support to the arch when placed between other stones.  It allows buildings to have more windows and doors, allowing more light into a building.  Our Keystone has two symbolic meanings: to support all members of the Masonic Family and to allow "more light" to enter your life.  This can be accomplished by acts of charity,  aforgiving attitude towards others, and helping those around you.  The star in the East is to give us guidance.  The five stars are for the Star Points, the heroines of our Order.  The open Bible reminds us to frequent this great light and also represents my year as Grand Chaplin.

Fun Emblem

Buddy the Black Labrador

Our Buddy is a black Labrador, my favorite breed.  Like all Labs, he's friendly, faithful, loving, adaptable & playful.  Buddy's qualities can also be seen as desirable traits for our members to embrace as we move our Chapters into the futrue.  Buddy has a blue winter scarfto keep him warm as he blays with Giggles